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Finnabair Art Alchemy Acrylic Liquid Color Fluid Medium

Finnabair Art Alchemy Liquid Color Fluid Medium. Liquid transparent acrylic medium designed to add more flow and transparency to acrylic paints from art alchemy liquid color line, but giving great results with other paints from the Finnabair range: Metallique, Sparks, Opal Magic, and Impasto extending the working time and making them more liquid. For best results mix the medium with your selected paint on the palette and enjoy the lighter consistency or in a fine-tip bottle to create more defined effects: drops, splatters, lines and drips. Content: 60 ml

Finnabair Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance Wax Lucky Emerald

Unique, Gorgeous paste with a difference: offering you two wonderful effects in one product. Antique Brilliance Wax has a special opaque yet permanent finish. It will give you generous color and shiny results on dark surfaces and antiqued vintage effect with a touch of iridescence on lighter backgrounds. Details: 20ml

Finnabair Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint Avocado Green

Finnabair Art Alchemy Liquid Colors are High-quality, liquid acrylic paints with amazing, vibrant, and rich color and a glossy, semi-translucent finish. They are water-soluble when wet, and permanent when dry. They can be applied with brushes and work well with fine tip bottles or if diluted with water they can be sprayed and will dry with a permanent finish. Content: 30 ml