Draken nest #4 - Josephiena's collage paper - CP-004

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Discover the enchanting world of creativity with the Collage Papers from Josephiena.nl, developed in collaboration with FantasyArt.nl. These high-quality sheets of 80g/m2 thin paper with unique, imaginative designs are perfect for a variety of projects including art journaling, mixed media, bullet journaling and card making. The images, with depth and vivid colors, appeal to the imagination of lovers of dragons and imaginary work. Transform your creative expressions with this masterpiece that brings art to life.
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    Discover the enchanting world of creativity with our Collage Papers, a masterpiece of collaboration between Josephiena.nl and FantasyArt.nl. These sheets, generously sized at 29.8 by 21cm, have been crafted with care and printed on high quality thin paper weighing 80g/m2.Whether you're an avid art journalist, a lover of mixed media projects, an avid bullet journaler, or a card maker, these Collage Papers add a touch of sophistication to all your creative expressions. The thin but sturdy paper provides the ideal basis for various artistic projects.In collaboration with FantasyArt.nl, these sheets bring a world of fantasy to life, perfect for fans of dragons and lovers of the imaginary genre. Each image has been carefully designed. The bold full colors add depth and three-dimensionality to each piece, bringing your creations to life.Whether you're a seasoned creative or just starting your creative journey, our Collage Papers provide a unique opportunity to express your imagination and develop your artistic skills. Add a touch of magic to your art with these uniquely designed creations and be inspired by the limitless possibilities they offer. Transform your art journal, mixed media projects, bullet journal and cards into works of art that capture the imagination and stimulate the senses.