Art journal: Eekhoorn met elfjes

Manufacturer: Josephiena`s
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    Bay Bolete - stamp
    ongeveer 64 x 81 mm & 26 x 44 mm
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    Spinnenweb - stencil
    Spiderweb - Josephiena's stencil A5
    This stencil is approximately 13.5 by 19 cm in size. These stencils are very suitable for use with ink, paint, textural pastes and other mediums. You can create beautiful backgrounds by spraying through the stencil with ink spray, sponging over the stencil with paint or ink and scraping texture paste and other medium through the stencil to get increased texture effects. Very nice for Art journals, Bible journals, card making, Mixed media and more. These stencils are designed and produced by Josephiena.
    SKU: A5S053
    €4.00 incl tax
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