Art journal: Bloemen

Deze keer een art journal pagina waar de bloemen van afspringen. Ik heb het bloemrijke rice papier van Stamperia gecombineerd met bloemen stempels van Gummiapan. Scrol naar beneden en klik op product description voor een filmpje waarin je kunt zien hoe ik hem heb gemaakt. Ook vind je daar een overzicht van gebruikte producten.
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    Eucalyptus - stamp
    SKU: GP19070201
    Slim Funkia Leaf
    Slim Funkia Leaf - stamp
    SKU: GP19070307
    Anemone 1 - stamp - Gummiapan
    SKU: GP19070109
    Indigo 533
    Indigo 533 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE533
    Groen 600
    Green 600 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE600
    Blauwgroen 640
    Blue green 640 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE640
    Sepia Licht 439
    Sepia Light 439 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE439
    Sepia 416
    Sepia 416 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE416
    Warmgrijs 718
    Warm gray 718 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE718
    Donkergrijs 706
    Dark gray 706 - Ecoline Brush Pen
    SKU: TE706
    Large Spiral
    Large spiral - stempel
    SKU: GP20010302
    Cadence Premium acrylverf (semi mat) Amandelgroen
    Almond green - Cadence Premium acrylic paint
    SKU: CPA8028
    Picture of A5 - Stamp Journal
    A5 - Stamp Journal
    SKU: VSJ200306-104
    Picture of Nuvo Media Spatulas
    Nuvo Media Spatulas
    SKU: NU997N
    Picture of Decoupage plus Satijn - Cadence
    Decoupage plus Satijn - Cadence
    SKU: CDP6042
    Picture of Watercolor / Mixed Media paper, white 200 grams
    Watercolor / Mixed Media paper, white 200 grams
    SKU: CLBS104
    Picture of Mini Archival Ink Pad Kit 1
    Mini Archival Ink Pad Kit 1
    SKU: AIMK57673
    Picture of Tiny, odd alphabet - stansen
    Tiny, odd alphabet - stansen
    SKU: GPD190601
    Dashed Numbers
    Dashed Numbers - Stamp
    SKU: GP20050207
    Cosmos - stamp
    SKU: GP20070404
    Picture of Eryngiums flower in a double frame - stamp - Gummiapan
    Eryngiums flower in a double frame - stamp - Gummiapan
    SKU: GP20070403
    Cadence Dora Perla Met. Relief Pasta Platinum
    SKU: CDR-1
    Mink - Cadence Hybride acrylverf
    SKU: CH059
    Koi Water Penseel Small
    Koi Water Penseel Small
    Refillable watercolor brush, size S. The handle acts as a water reservoir and can be refilled if necessary.
    SKU: XQR-S
    Aleene's - Original Tacky Glue (118 ml)
    Aleene's - Original Tacky Glue (118 ml)
    118 ml Premium all-purpose adhesive Nontoxic but super strong Incredibly versatile – works on most surfaces Thick, tacky formula grabs items on contact Dries permanent and clear – won’t yellow over time Tip includes guides for cutting based on glue flow needs Easy-squeeze bottle for precise control Cleans up easily with soap and water before drying
    Availability: In stock
    SKU: TG15603
    Finnabair Art Basics Heavy Gesso White (250ml)
    Finnabair Art Basics Heavy Gesso White (250ml)
    Content: 250 ml White, opaque, matte, ground acrylic. Works well as a primer on most surfaces: including canvas, wood, paper, metal, chipboard, fabric, plastic, etc. Dries quickly. Works well for a variety of color products providing a smooth, non-yellowing, chalky background. Gesso is water-based, but permanent and flexible after drying. Will mix with pigments, or acrylic paints, to create a range of customized, colored grounds. Apply with a paintbrush or palette knife. Non-toxic. Archival safe.
    Availability: In stock
    SKU: 961442
    Patroon 81 - Stencil van Josephiena`s Design
    Pattarn 81 - stencil form Josephiena's
    This stencil is approximately 13.5 by 19 cm in size. These stencils are very suitable for use with ink, paint, textural pastes and other mediums. You can create beautiful backgrounds by spraying through the stencil with ink spray, sponging over the stencil with paint or ink and scraping texture paste and other medium through the stencil to get increased texture effects. Very nice for Art journals, Bible journals, card making, Mixed media and more. These stencils are designed and produced by Josephiena.
    Availability: In stock
    SKU: A5S081
    Stamperia Rice Paper A4 Romantic Sea Dream White Flower
    Stamperia Rice Paper A4 Romantic Sea Dream White Flower
    One sheet of rice paper per pack. Size of sheet: 21x29.7cm, 28gr. Thin, printed rice paper - excellent quality. Transparent yet strong. If using images versus the whole sheet, tearing versus cutting around images is recommended. Use as decoupage on glass, canvas, plastic, wood, cardstock and so forth. Decoupage adhesive recommended for best results. Topic: Steampunk.
    Availability: In stock
    SKU: DFSA4561